Taking a page out of Uwe Boll’s book, Rob Cohen will be bringing his own brand of MichaelBay-Lite to a spec script at New Regency described as “an event-sized action film that Cohen calls “The Magnificent Seven” in the Middle Ages.”

If this gets your juices flowing, do keep in mind this comes at the cost of Cohen no longer helming XXX: The Return of Xander Cage*. Cohen will be ditching Sony and Diesel to take on this production and get Medieval (as it is apparently called) started by the fall.  

Cohen says he made sure to consult with Diesel before jumping ship.

“I talked to Vin over the weekend and said I hoped they would wait, but that if they find another director who’s right for the sequel, I certainly wouldn’t be angry. But I could not let something like this go.”

Is it too much to hope that this may kill the surely worthless XXX3, and that Vin Diesel will get involved in a real movie?

UPDATE: How could I forget to mention the most interesting tidbit, that one of the super producers on the Medieval project is none other than McG.

*XXX3…? -Or- XXX:III…? Perhaps, XXX-XXX-XXX…?

…from Variety