Dreamworks has just signed on Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley to write the script for Cal of the Wild, a comedy that will spoofy reality TV shows like Survivor. Wait, really? Isn’t this just a little bit late? Haven’t these shows already become parodies of themselves, and isn’t it pantently obvious to anyone with a brain just how scripted and predictable they really are?

I would much prefer to see an adaptation of Brian Keene’s Castaways, which shares a similar story… except, of course, that the reality star contestants end up getting eaten and raped by a pygmy tribe. Somehow doubt that Cal of the Wild will go there.

The film will be about a fellow called Cal Tanner, a star of a survival show and fraud, who has to keep himself and his female assistant alive when faced with a real survival situation.
Sort of a Man vs. Wild spoof, then. That’d only be about two years too late.
Anyway, the duo have already sold a few scripts to New Line (The $40,000 Man and Burt Wonderstone) and rewrote Disney’s Hours of Fun. Goldstein has written for various tv shows (like The New Adventures of Old Christine) but Daley is best known for his starring role in the incredible Freaks and Geeks. Even though, as my wife always notes, most of his role there consists of him going “Oh! Hi Cindy!” and smiling shly. 

Via Variety.