About three months ago, there was word that there was a John DeLorean pic based on the biography by longtime DeLorean attorney, Mayer Morganroth, in the works with Face/Off producer David Permut behind the driver’s seat and Steve Lee Jones (Kevorkian) riding shotgun.  I thought and still do think that it’s an interesting topic for a biopic, considering the interesting life that the man led.  One might think now that since these gents have had a few months to get their project going, others would be looking elsewhere for ideas. 

But proving once again that Hollywood is anything if not an empty parking lot of originality lately, and more importantly, that it loves the concept of dueling properties, Time Inc. Studios and XYZ Films have decided to get into the DeLorean race themselves.  And at some point, Brett Ratner (directing), James Toback (writing) and Robert Evans (producing) have thrown together their own project.  What may give the Time / XYZ version the edge though is that they apparently have the rights to articles from Fortune and Time; the Hillel Levin-penned DeLorean book Grand Delusions; and an unpublished memoir written by DeLorean
himself. Just as important, Time Inc. Studios and XYZ say they have
cooperation from the car designer’s longtime friend and business
partner Fred Dellis and from DeLorean son Zachary DeLorean, executor of
the DeLorean estate.

At this point, I say put ‘em all on the quarter mile and see which one finishes first.  I just want it to be a good take on the man and the car.

via Variety