If there’s anything more satisfying than clubbing a baby seal, I don’t want to know it.

At a point in the demo for Overlord II you come across the cute baby animals with downy tufts of white fur, looking up at you with large, trusting, puppy-dog eyes… and then told to instruct your minions to kill them. They scramble away in vain as your little demons head over and club them to death, picking up their life force to give back to you to further bolster your horde. One of the guys even ripped off one of the seal’s heads and used it as a hat.

Right then I fell in love with this game, and knew I’d have to own it.  Sure, that was already a given considering how awesome the first game was but I guess you could say this sealed the deal (LOLOL). If you’ve never experienced Overlord it basically plays like a mentally disturbed version of Pikmin, except instead of carrying around batteries and crap with little flower people you’re instructing fierce little creatures  to destroy and kill everything in your path. It’s a helluva lot of fun and the black humor made things even better.

Now Overlord II is almost upon us. There doesn’t seem to be any incredibly drastic changes to the game but the graphics are significantly better and the controls have been improved a bit. Basically it’s more, more, more, and that’s not bad at all! The gameplay area is larger and more diverse, there are more races of beings to terrorize, your minions can now ride mounts (like wolves) and use war machines, and you’ll even be able to possess a minion for times that require a little more finesse. Plus, it’s got another script by Rhianna Pratchett- yes, daugther of Terry. She’s worked on a bunch of game properties already, such as the first Overlord, Prince of Persia and Mirror’s Edge.

If you get a chance, definitely download the Overlord II demo that’s currently up on Xbox 360 and PS3, and enjoy these 50s-style PSAs.