Sure, MCA might have made one with the Beastie Boys, but Adam Yauch’s Oscilloscope Laboratories has just picked up the North American rights to No Impact Man. It’s a documentary by Laura Gabbert and Justin Schein about a Manhattanite (Colin Beavan) who tried to leave no carbon footprint for an entire year. Let me reiterate that- IN MANHATTAN. This led to him not using electricity, using no public transportation, producing no trash that couldn’t be composted, and buying nothing except food grown locally. It’s a pretty huge undertaking and his quest, while undeniably crazy, is a fascinating look at how we all affect  the world.

Adam Yauch, head of Oscilloscope Laboratories said, “This film really got me. It’s the first time I’ve seen an environmentally concerned film with a strong comedic element.  I still think about it every time I go to the supermarket.” 

The film played Sundance this year, and will soon screen at Silverdocs
and the LA Film Fest. Oscilloscope will release the doc in theaters on
September 4th, with dvd and digital releases soon afterwards.

You can get a jump on the movie by checking out Colin Beavan’s blog, which kicked off his getting a book and movie deal.
If you’re interested in checking out the movie there will be a sneak peak on Thursday, June 11th on the lawn of Automative High School in Brooklyn. It has bands  playing and an open bar after the film- check for more.