The meltdown of Brigitte Bardot has been long, painful and weird. From international sex symbol to animal rights activist to… hardcore Muslim hater. What a long, strange trip she’s been on.

To me that journey is the most fascinating aspect of Bardot’s life, but she’s lived so big and so well that a biopic about her could focus on just her love life or just her activism or just her work and be completely fascinating. The question is on what element would Kyle Newman focus?

The director of Fanboys and the upcoming War Monkeys may be interested in doing a Bardot biopic, and he wants to cast his wife, the lovely Jaime King, in the role. At least that’s what scooper Perth Patty tells us:

Hey, in today’s INPRESS (streetpress here in Victoria, Australia) there’s a piece with director Kyle Newman on the local release of FANBOYS. In it, its mentioned that he’s developing a BRIGITTE BARDOT pic with (his wife) Jaime King set to star as BARDOT!

Wow! Perfect casting!! Haven’t heard Jaime was playing Bardot before, so thought this might be news!

That is good casting. King has the classical beauty to pull off Bardot (although, and forgive me for this, she doesn’t have the certain meatiness Bardot and others of that period had. Our beautiful women today are so much skinnier and better toned than the beautiful women of the 50s and 60s). Could she play crazy old Bardot? Would Newman want to focus on that? Would he even be able to do so, with her still running around alive and crazy today? Hopefully we’ll find out more soon.