I can’t believe that we’ve come to the point where I would view Wes Craven directing Scream 4 as a welcome return to form. The director has spent most of the last four years overseeing the defiling of his own back catalogue, and his next film, 25/8, fills me with nothing but dread. And not the good horror movie kind of dread but the bad movie you don’t want to sit through dread.

Craven says that he’s game for Scream 4 (duh. He’s looking into remaking Shocker, for pete’s sake. He’s game for anything with a check attached), but that he hasn’t seen a script for the movie. He also tells Digital Spy that this is in fact Scream 4, and not a reboot, as had been mistakenly reported.

But there’s more! Craven, who hasn’t read the script, said that Kevin Williamson is working on not just a new Scream movie but a whole new Scream trilogy. And that Courteney Cox-Arquette and David Arquette are the only folks wanted back for the film. I wonder if they’ll just be a cameo at the beginning. And I wonder if all that reboot talk isn’t actually from the plot of the movie as opposed to being a description of the plot of the movie.

It does seem that Scream 4 is heating up; Williamson’s draft is due in a couple of months and we should know more then.