The Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen premiere happened yesterday in Japan, and one of Don Murphy’s Stooges was there and reports back. No, Stooge isn’t a derogatory term – it’s what the forum members at Murphy’s site call themselves.

The Stooge in question is Wonkimus_Major, and while he seemed to like the movie (“Movie was incredible, I liked it much more than the first! More action, more robots, less humans!”), he’s got a lot of nitpicks (“Though there are some lame sexual inuendos like Wheelie humping Megan’s leg.”).

Here’s some of what Wonkimus_Major has to say:

Soundwave only has a few lines but he speaks English. But he never
comes down to earth and never turns into a robot. Bleah. Very little
screen time, but at least he doesn’t get exploded which leaves things
open for the third movie.

The Twins were lame. As in the “bust a cap in you ass” stereotype. I could’ve done without them.

Jetfire was comic relief. He has a British accent and reminded me of a
Monty Python character.

Only named Constructicon is Rampage, and he is red.

Megatron is revived by some Constructicons and “The Doctor.”

Sideways never transforms, he is cut in half by Sideswipe in the first
battle scene in car mode. Sideswipe is cool. Ravage is cool too.

There are three motorcycles, but they appear to be named collectively Arcee. Not much screen time/lines for them anyway.

He has more spoilery stuff to say at the Murphy message board.

Here’s what I found intriguing:

In fact in the last battle
scene there were tons of, well, “repaints,” basically reused animation.
So even after Devastator forms, there are still constructicons running
around. And some Protoforms. I even saw a truck that looked like
Bonecrusher…though I never saw him in robot mode.

Michael Bay said that the movie wasn’t done as late as the day of the premiere; is it possible that the Japanese audience saw an incomplete film and that old CGI models were just tossed in for the final battle?

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