Finally. It’s been forever, but there’s finally new on a theatrical release for Mike Dougherty’s amazing horror film, Trick ‘r Treat. Dougherty was at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors convention in New York City this weekend and he dropped the bomb that not only will the film be coming to DVD and Blu-Ray this October, it’ll be hitting some cities this summer. The full list doesn’t seem to be out yet, but the Fangoria site has this:

    * FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL, Montreal, Canada July 9-27
    * TORONTO AFTER DARK, Toronto, Canada August 14-21
    * MORBIDO FEST, Mexico City, Mexico (MySpace)
    * FANTASY FILM FESTIVAL – Berlin, Hamburg, Koln, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Stuggart, and Munich Germany – August 18-September 9, 2009
    * FANTASTIC FEST, Austin Texas, September 24-October 1
    * SCREAMFEST, Los Angeles, California – October 16-25
    * London, UK

Here’s hoping these are just the first cities getting announced and that the film will be getting booked into more theaters in more cities. This is a terrific audience experience film, and I hope every horror hound out there gets to see it the right way.