I recently moved, and in the process came face to face with just how many posters I have. I have dozens of them rolled up in tubes, and the move was a good time to go through those stragglers and figure out what would look nice on the walls of my new apartment.

A big part of that is deciding just who I am now. The me who hung posters in the last place isn’t the same me – even a year will change a man (especially a year in prison). And then Empire ran a blog entry about looking at your movie posters as a reflection of who you are and I thought, ‘Hey, that’s a great idea to steal.’ So I did.

Here are my posters – or the ones that are on display right now. I’ve included some thoughts on them, and what they might say about me. Or what I hope they say about me. And since this is the Weekend Discussion, you should head down to the message boards and share your movie posters, and what they mean to and say about you.

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It’s not a movie, but it’s close enough. I love this poster; created to advertise the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I actually stole one off a wall in New York City, but since the sucker was glued on, it came away a little raggedy. Later a reproduction was released, so I traded in my stolen copy for a legit one.

I love the look of the poster, and I love Buffy. Some might scoff at a dude hanging a poster like this in his house, but fuck ‘em. And my girlfriend digs it.

I’m a Friday the 13th nerd. Most Friday posters suck, frankly. But this one is great on so many levels. For one thing, it actually looks awesome. For another, it mixes two of my favorite things: Jason Voorhees and New York City. And it’s a poster for maybe the worst entry in the series, so it has serious kitsch value. But more than anything else, I hunted this sucker down because it’s rare. See, Paramount didn’t get permission to use the I <3 NY in the poster, so this baby got discontinued and recalled. It’s a reasonably priced poster for a rarity, a nice entry point for someone who wants to have something other than repros on their walls.

This limited edition art print, bought from Nakatomi Inc, is only one of my many Planet of the Apes-related items. You’ll see three posters on this list, and I have even more Apes junk in my apartment. My studio apartment.

But this one rules. It’s a beautiful print that looks amazing framed, and it’s about as classy as you’ll get with a picture of a genocidal gorilla general.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’d  hang this up too if you got your copy while visiting the Amblin offices during shooting of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and your copy was signed to you by ‘Steve.’

I got this at Dragon*Con in the summer of 2001. A little while later, 9/11 happened. Sony freaked out and discontinued this poster – since the Twin Towers are reflected in Spidey’s eyes. It’s very rare, and I think really looks terrific.

Here’s the second Apes poster. It’s from when Fox rereleased all five films into theaters for marathons in the 70s. My copy is a miniature repro.

This UK quad is, for my money, the very best art for Shaun of the Dead. I got this when the film was first released in British theaters; I had seen a bootleg and fell in love with the movie months before it hit US shores. The copy I have is huge, and it’s signed by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. One of these days I need to get Edgar Wright on there.

One of the most beautiful movies ever made, and one of the most wonderfully spare posters. I had this back when I lived in New York, but now it hangs on my Los Angeles kitchen wall, reminding me of where I come from.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein might be one of the most seminal films in my life. By packing all of the Universal monsters into one film, this movie really turned on my young brain. I love it, even though I know it’s super hokey, cheesy and not as funny as I remember. I have a reproduction of one of the original lobby cards; I bought it because The Wolf Man is my favorite Universal monster.

Tyler Stout’s limited edition poster for an Alamo Drafthouse screening of The Thing. Why? Because it – the poster and the movie both – fucking rule.

And one final Apes poster – the original half sheet from the original release of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. It’s my favorite film in my favorite film series, and the idea that this hung in a theater where the movie actually showed just thrills me.

So what’s on your walls? Come to the message boards and tell us.