A Total Recall remake? Wimmer please.

Those of us who want a bad-ass story about freeing miners on Mars have a better chance in Red Faction 2. If you’ve tried the demo you know how much of a blast the game is- the destruction in the game is unparalleled, the multiplayer fast and inventive. It’s all about that Rhino pack. It’s just so much fun to boot up just to see how much damage you can wreck in the environment before the time runs up.

The game just shipped yesterday for Xbox 360 and PS3, to tons of acclaim, and THQ is currently showing it off at E3, along with a model of that gigantic hammer. Hopefully we’ll have a review up for you guys soon.

For those of you who aren’t up on the story thus far, the community manager has just posted the entire Red Faction 2 backstory on the forums. Head on over there for a story of repression and revolution… but unfortunately no three-breasted hookers.