Followers of the site know that we’ve been hosting free movie nights for the last few years at Hell Gate Social in Astoria, my favorite bar in the whole world. They’ve got an awesome backyard garden with a screen set up, perfect to project movies on as you drink and smoke the night away. We’re starting them up again for this summer with a screening this Sunday, June 7th of the best worst movie itself, TROLL 2!

Let me tell you, there is no better way to see this movie than with a drink in hand. The subject of the fantastic documentary Best Worst Movie (review here) and generally accepted as one of the more engaging cult films around, the film revolves around a group of goblins- yes, goblins, there are no trolls in the film- who reside in a town called Nilbog and feast on any hapless individuals coming to their quaint town for vacation. Course, these goblins are vegetarians, so they turn their victims into a tasty green paste before chowing down. There’s a reason the film made our Children of the Acorn list.

The screening starts in the backyard garden when the sun goes down around 8:30, but there will be also be an all-you-can-eat BBQ going on from 4-9. Ten bucks buys you all the burgers, hot dogs, chicken and corn on the cob you can eat, and there will be a happy hour in place for cheap booze. The screening is free, and afterwards we will be giving away some dvds and goodies!

Check for directions or just shoot me an email- hope to see you there! Also, keep an eye here on future screenings, as we’ll be hosting the first Sunday of every month.