Look, I know that ‘reboot’ is one of the big buzz words in Hollywood today, but if you are making another movie in a franchise and you’re bringing back the same actors to play the same characters… well, you’re making a fucking sequel. Not a reboot. Not even a remake. Just a goddamned sequel.

And that’s the case with the new Scream, which is being written by the once-hot Kevin Williamson. Entertainment Weekly reports that Williamson (who is apparently directing the new Scream, which he’s pitched as the opening of a new trilogy) is in talks with Courteney Cox-Arquette and David Arquette to reprise their characters in the film. He’s also apparently reaching out to other actors from the original three.

I don’t know if it’s EW that’s calling this a reboot or the Weinstein Company, but unless Williamson is doing some head-scratching alternate reality shit, I’m not calling this a reboot. Hell, even if this is an alternate reality where the first three Screams never happened, it’s still a fucking sequel!