At E3 it has been revealed that not only is there a remake of TMNT: Tutles in Time on the way (which we first told you about here), but a brand new four player brawler! These are screens from TMNT: Smash-Up, an original game with a single player story co-written by original Ninja Turtle author Peter Laird.

The game’s being developed for the Wii by some of the team members from Super Smash Bros, and it will feature online multiplayer and a bunch of minigames. It’s for the Wii, of course it will have minigames! You’ll be able to play as any of the main turtles as well as a few of their friends and enemies. Watch Shredder make April his toy!

Expect it to hit Fall 2009.

Also some more details about Turtles in Time have been revealed. It will debut on the Xbox 360 first on July 22, kicking off Xbox Live Arcade’s Summer of Arcade. PS3 owners will see it released for their system later in the year.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there will be the original version included, but they’re promising that it will stay true to the original feel of the 1991 Arcade game. Still, a shame that the original isn’t there as well.

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