I assume that Duncan Jones’ recent press trip to Los Angeles (to flog his amazing feature debut, Moon) was fruitful in other ways: just after he left town it was announced that he’ll be directing an adaptation of Escape From the Deep, a true story of amazing WWII survival.

Says the Hollywood Reporter:

“Escape” tells the story of a legendary World War II U.S. navy
submarine that sank after a torpedo malfunction, leaving the crew
stranded on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Faced with drowning,
nine men made it out alive after swimming the 180 feet to the
surface without getting the bends.

You’ve been spoiled!

Escape From the Deep won’t be Jones’ next film. He cautions on his Twitter feed that they still need to get a script together (and he mentions that he won’t be writing it). Look for Jones’ sophomore effort to be the as-yet-untitled science fiction film set in a futuristic Berlin.