Two more Monkey Island games
! I still can’t believe it! People in the know realize that this is more exciting news than anything Microsoft, EA or Ubisoft had on hand… although of course I can’t wait to see what comes of the Natal, no matter how down Devin is on it.

We already showed you Tales of Monkey Island from Telltale Games- which have a sweet preorder deal that nets you one of their fine other titles as well as a dvd copy of the game- but what about The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition? Wonder no more and check out these clips! This remake will have entirely new graphics, hand painted environments, full voiceovers (with Guybrush again being played by voice actor Dominic Armato) and a remastered score!

I find it sad that some of you might not know about Monkey Island, but in the world of point and click adventure games there are only a few real classics. This is one of them. It’s one of the first games that most people remember as being laugh-out-loud funny, a hysterical and bizarre story that centered around pirates and ghost pirates and a helluva lot of grog. The series made it to consoles a few times (a Sega CD port here, a PS2 port there) but it was never really well done. This of course looks like the way to do it.

Purists, take note- you’ll be able to switch between the remake and the original with the press of a button. So no worries if you prefer the old style!

I can’t wait to play this again this summer, and hope that it’s quality and that they then continue releasing the rest of the series. Now- where are my Grim Fandango games?

Make sure to check out our YouTube page for more Monkey Island clips, as well as trailers from other recently announced games from E3.