If you haven’t yet seen King of Kong- A Fistful of Quarters, you have not yet witnessed one of the most epic battles of our generation. Yes Donkey Kong is truly the game of champions. Steve Wiebe, the lovable underdog from the flick, is still trying to reclaim his crown from the notorious Billy Mitchell, he of the mullets and hot sauce.

Today at E3 Wiebe will be playing live to try and beat Billy Mitchell’s score of 1,050,200. Wiebe’s 2nd place score is 1,049,100, so it’s definitely not impossible- but he has been trying for a long time now to get there.

He starts his quest again today at 11:00 AM EST, 8:00 PST. You’ll then be able to stream the video below courtesy of Justin.tv and G4TV, so if you want to check in throughout the day and see how Steve is doing, bookmark it and check back. Cause let’s be honest- no one wants to sit and watch someone play Donkey Kong for a whole day.