The MTV Movie Awards are essentially useless, and never more so than this year, as the entire show was essentially a tribute to Twilight*. But despite that immense amount of shittiness, some very talented people worked on the show behind the scenes. One of them is local LA legend Scott Aukerman. He worked as the head writer for Andy Samberg, and he talks about some of the behind the scenes business that happened.

Most importantly he blogs the dirt that I can’t believe needed to be blogged: The Bruno/Eminem thing was staged. They did it at rehearsal and everything. It’s baffling to me that in this hyper-connected internet age people still fall for this stuff, but they do so harder than ever. You would think the internet would make people smarter and more discerning. Not so!

For those who didn’t see the bit, here it is:

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Aukerman’s blog has more great behind the scenes info, including a cut gag involving Paul Rudd that I think would have been classic. Head to his blog to read it all.

Thanks to Drew McWeeny’s Twitter for pointing me to Aukerman’s blog.

I wonder what is going to do for hits once this fad is over. To say that most of their traffic is related to Twilight is an understatement.