Some journalist I am. Just last night I was talking with a friend about Left 4 Dead, who was wondering when the sequel would be coming out.

“Not for a long time,” I said. “There’s no reason for them to do a sequel when they could just release new campaigns and make people happy… even though the Survival mode got old pretty quickly.”

He told me how dumb that was, that there were all sorts of things that they could do to improve upon it. Perhaps he should be writing for the site, because Valve seems to have been thinking the same thing. Either that or they liked the boatloads of money the last game made (2.5 million copies sold!)

In any case, as you know Left 4 Dead 2 was officially announced just minutes ago at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference. Here’s the trailer that took everyone by surprise- note the new stuff- daylight outdoor locations in N’awlins! Graveyards! Also, the voiceover suggest that they’re not waiting to be saved- they’re stayed and fighting with anything they can use. New to the game are axes and bats and chainsaws, and a frying pan! 

Also, there’s a new director in town.

Introducing the AI Director 2.0, L4D’s dynamic gameplay is taken to the next level by giving the Director the ability to procedurally change weather effects, world objects, and pathways in addition to tailoring the enemy population, effects, and sounds to match the players’ performance. The result is a unique game session custom fitted to provide a satisfying and uniquely challenging experience each time the game is played.
Different pathways each time? Oh hells yeah. IGN also has a whole bunch of gameplay videos that show off some of the ridiculous things they’re trying with the game.

The game hits exclusively on the Xbox 360 and PC November 17th, 2009.