How happy would you be if you were to hear the news that not one, but two new Monkey Island games are on the way? And that one of them was an episodic adventure game being made by Telltale Games? (You know, the geniuses behind Sam and Max and comprised of employees who worked on the original Monkey Island games?) And what if you were to hear that the second game was a remake of the original Secret of Monkey Island?

Seriously, it’s true.

Telltale games is working on Tales of Monkey Island, a monthly series that will start up in a few weeks (!!) on PC and WiiWare. There will also be a Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition that LucasArts is working on internally that will be released on Xbox Live Arcade and PC, featuring HD graphics, a remastered score and voiceover work.

Now I’m going to try calm myself down in time for the Microsoft Press Conference. More on everything Monkey Island as we hear it!

UPDATE- Here’s the trailer, fresh from Telltale! Head on over there for info about the game, and a release date- July 7th! Looks like Guybrush has been possessed with LeChuck’s spirit!