Want more evidence that eventually all games will be released digitally? Sony’s already banking on it for its latest PSP iteration, the PSP Go.

While Sony announced that a third PSP verison was in the works late last year, it wasn’t until a couple of days ago that the Go was leaked. A few PS3 gamers were able to download their needless and expensive Qore videos before it was supposed to be available, and it’s got a whole feature about the PSP-Go. This led to Sony tipping their hand and releasing these official shots of the new gadget. Here’s what it’s got.

  • New Slider design
  • 16GB built in flash memory
  • M2 memory card support
  • Bluetooth Support
  • 44% lighter than PSP 3000
  • Remote Play support
  • Smaller screen, 3.8″ vs 4.3″
  • No UMD Slot
  • Digital content support only via Playstation Network

As someone who loves that he’s able to download demos and games (Patapon 2!) to the system, I say bring on the digital downloads. Of course I also wonder about the necessity for this system, and can only wonder how irritated PSP Slim adopters must feel.

Below is an upload of the Qore video with some truly horrible sound, but it gives you a better look at how the thing works.