Title Weekend Per Total
1 Up $68,200,000 $18,109 $68,200,000
2 Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian $25,500,000 (-52.9%) $6,218 $105,296,000
3 Drag Me to Hell $16,628,000 $6,630 $16,628,000
4 Terminator Salvation $16,140,000 (-62.1%) $4,481 $90,657,000
5 Star Trek $12,800,000 (-44.1%) $3,650 $209,500,000
6 Angels & Demons $11,200,000 (-48.4%) $3,233 $104,760,000
7 Dance Flick $4,900,000 (-54.0%) $1,993 $19,241,000
8 X-Men Origins: Wolverine $3,900,000 (-51.7%) $1,723 $170,870,000
9 Ghosts of Girlfriends Past $1,905,000 (-50.5%) $1,314 $50,015,000
10 Obsessed $665,000 (-66.3%) $979 $67,508,000

This just in: He never said that she was a gold digger, just that she had no interest in hanging out with proletariats.

When Pixar does a movie that has a slightly odd selling point, people often try to create fake drama about the possibility of its success. “Ooh, it’s got a rat in it, maybe it won’t make money!” Uh, no. “Maybe this one will be shitty!” Hasn’t happened yet. I guess the fact that Up is about an old guy might psyche some people out. But, as always, the film performed and people love it. The question is how long and hard it will play. $200 Million is assured, the question is whether it will cross over like Finding Nemo did. That would mean $300 Million, which is not out of the question, but would mean some really strong word of mouth. But there’s nothing all that difference in the reception to this film as any other Pixar, and I don’t know if it’s zeitgeist-y. If older people who maybe don’t normally turn out for these films somehow got into the film, then that’s something that could happen. But I would bet on around $250 Million.

Today show time: Night at the Museum 2 and Angels and Demons got to $100,  Star Trek got over $200, and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past got past $50. For Museum, it’s good the film only took a 50% hit (vs. 60-70%) in a post holiday weekend, especially in the face of direct competition. But $150 is about as good as that film could get (and even that might be uphill). Angels and Demons is done, so it tops out around $130-$140-ish at best (probably less). Star Trek will start bleeding screens next week (with two wide releases) after four weeks in release, and will likely be out of the top five (though could manage to pass Terminator Salvation and Drag Me to Hell next weekend), but even  if so it will be under ten million. $250 million might be in spitting distance, so my guess is Paramount tries to get it close to there. If it weren’t for Potter and Transformers, I’d say it or Up would be fighting for #1 of the summer.

Terminator Salvation ain’t done shitting the bed. It’s off 62% and looks to do worse than Terminator 3 did ($150 Million), next week it’ll get past $100, but after that there’s not much hay to be had. $110? $120? Ouch. Time to get down on your fetlocks, McG, and hope international somehow redeems the film.

Drag Me to Hell did okay. The question is if it plays or if it takes a horror plunge of 60-70% next week. $50 isn’t out of the question, but $30 isn’t either. Sam Raimi has been doing this long enough that it doesn’t matter if the film doesn’t do great business (besides, the DVD sales should be good), especially when you’re lined up to do more Spider-Man, but I like the film and I hope it does well enough. Dance Flick better sell a lot of unrated DVDs, and Wolverine is on his way out, but if you can still make the top ten with under a million gross, it might hang out next week for one final round in the top ten.

Next week brings a lot of male nudity.