I just got back from the press junket for Land of the Lost (which, by the by, is a whole lot better than the marketing may lead you to believe) where I sat down one on one with Danny McBride. We talked about a lot of his upcoming projects (and he’s got a lot of them), but one that produced intriguing results was Hench.

As Russ told you this morning, Hench is based on a graphic novel that tells the story of a supervillain’s henchman. One thing that Variety got wrong, though, is the emphasis on football. When I asked Danny whether this character is similar to Kenny Powers in Eastbound and Down, he said that the trade played up that football background too much – it’s just an element of the character.

What was most interesting, though, was what Danny had to say about how he wants to do the film. Hench is set up at Warner Bros, and he’s trying to get the studio to let him play with their vast collection of DC comic book supervillains. Essentially McBride wants to do a comedic version of the as-yet-in-development-hell Supermax.

That, to me, is a terrific idea. Which supervillains do you think would work best in a Danny McBride movie? Do you think that Warner Bros would let him play with the big guns, such as Batman villains like The Joker or The Riddler?