So this past friday I picked up my girlfriend from her work so we could have a nice dinner at a place near her work. We’ve eaten at the place before, but at the one that is 50 miles away at South Padre Island. So when we get there, we see that the menu is really small, and isn’t really full of options.

Vanessa is really particular when it comes to seafood. She’s not much of a seafood fan, but she does like fish and shrimp. Only, she prefers to eat fresh fish that has been bought from the store, and she won’t eat breaded shrimp, only grilled. They only had a full order (12) of grilled shrimp on the menu for ($14!)They couldn’t give her a half order for some weird reason, so she ended up just ordering a shrimp cocktail.

Things just got even more bizarre when they were able to give me my order of fish and shrimp that wasn’t on the menu. I’m particular towards eating fish that is grilled rather than fried. They waiter told us that he could do that for me, but he couldn’t give her her half order of grilled shrimp.

The other Oyster Bay Bar over at South Padre Island strangely enough is able to do half order combination plates. That was how she was able to get shrimp and chicken, and I was able to get fish and shrimp, along with fried oysters (fried oysters I don’t mind.).

Needless to say, we were both greatly upset that this place had such a small menu, and I ended up paying $25 and change for the small meals that we both had. We’re never going back to that shitty place.

-A little bit extra.

On saturday we went to see The Taking Of Pelham 123 remake (which we both enjoyed A LOT) and she made mention of a certain “vampire movie” coming out. I cringed and said “Twilight: New Moon?” She said “Yeah, I don’t want to see it.” I was surprised since I thought she had enjoyed the first Twilight movie when she took me to see it (she’s never read the books either) She said she didn’t really like it when we saw it.

I turned to her and said “I don’t know how I could possibly say this anymore than I already do. I LOVE YOU.”

Rene’s song of the day: “Borderline” by Madonna.

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