I can’t believe there’s two good movies opening this weekend. It’s sad to say, I can’t remember the last time summer offered two good things at once. Everything’s so spread and mostly bad, usually.


In the cyclical nature of things, Up will be the third Pixar film I’ve written about. I don’t think my opinion has changed all that much. Ratatouille got to $200, so did Wall*E. Their lowest gross is for A Bug’s Life, which still did $160. Unless the old person angle scares off audiences (could it more than the rats in that French “rat who loves good cooking” movie?) I think that $200 is all but assured, especially considering there’s no real competition until Ice Age 3. A $60 Million dollar opening weekend is assured.

Sam Raimi hasn’t done much horror since – really – the first Evil Dead movie. You’ve got the southern Gothic naked Katie Holmes movie, the thriller/terror of A Simple Plan, and the yucks of the Evil Dead sequels. But Sam has stayed away from horror for the most part, so this could be called a return to form (other things it could be called: A movie, 99 minutes long, in stereo (where available)). Drag has the same slot as The Strangers, which did crazy-good business. Drag probably cost more (well, yes, The Strangers was done for $11 million), but I’m sure that they’re all hoping for similar numbers, if not a bit better. I don’t think the rating will make much difference, and I also think it could be an audience favorite, especially if women respond to it. And there you go.


Post Memorial day is going to deliver a shot to the nuts of Terminator: Salvation. Depending on how it does, this will determine if the film can get much past $100. Yeah, it’s that bad of news. The film is at $70 as of Wednesday, but it’s not going to get to $100 this weekend. More like $90. Warner will likely be putting their energies toward The Hangover (which I keep hearing plays like gangbusters), which has the possibility to play long, or as long as one can play in the summer. The big question with that movie is whether the lack of female characters of any great merit hurts. Do the ladies want to get with Bradley Cooper enough to see him play a utter dick? I’d say no, but my no has a yessy aftertaste. Though I hear it’s Ken Jeong’s movie.

Up should open, and if there are any surprised, it’ll be if Drag plays stronger on Saturday than expected. I’m going to see if I can’t see both new films tomorrow at the Los Feliz 3.

1. Up - $60.5 Million
2. Night at the Museum 2 - $27.5 Million
3. Drag Me to Hell – $26.7 Million
4. Terminator: Salvation - $16.5 Million
5. Star Trek – $13 Million

Sunday I’ll come back for your eggs. No, that’s not a euphemism. I want your eggs.