We knew the Toy Story 3 teaser would be attached to Pixar’s Up, which opens today. (I’m not sure if the teaser will be in 3D for screens showing Up in 3D, but would be surprised if not.) You can preview the teaser online now in high def by linking directly to Disney. Or, more to the point, by clicking the links that I’ve made for you below.

The teaser brings all the characters back into focus as Woody and Buzz Lightyear compete (in a vague sense) to promote their new movie. It’s cute and perfectly in the Toy Story vein…and in front of Up might seem like sort of a throwback. But people like throwbacks, and a lot of the audiences that will be watching Up will just be hitting the nostalgia phase with respect to Toy Story, so this is perfect timing.

One question: we see the Slinky Dog previously voiced by the late Jim Varney, but don’t hear him. Who’ll voice him this time?

Watch the teaser in Quicktime HD: 480p | 720p | 1080p