Besides math and porn, one of the other few universal languages is booze, and I assume Italians can get wasted with the best of us.  Now, thanks to the homies over at BadTaste, via an exclusive they got from the Warners, they show us how they look when dealing with a Hangover.  Seven new Italian posters feature the various characters from the upcoming comedy, which is known locally as A Night With/From/Of Lions (although I’m guessing A Night With Tigers, Babelfish can only do so much).  Anyway, it premieres in Italy on June 19th, and of course, here in Gli Stati Uniti on June 5th.

And with word that there’s already a sequel planned, expectations are surely going to be running high on both continents for this film.  Mine already are.  Head over to BadTaste for all seven full posters.

Thanks to Andrea as usual for the tip.