I love the fact that this poster for The Final Destination, previously called Final Destination 4, Final Destination: Death Trip and Final Destination: Death Trip 3D, doesn’t even mention the fact that the movie is in 3D. Which is funny, because making the film in 3D was kind of a big deal. Really state of the art tech was on set to capture, in the best possible detail, three dimensions of kids getting blown to hell.

UGO has the poster debut (which I’ve excerpted, go there for the exclusive) and, yeah, it’s a Final Destination poster. I enjoy the hell out of the second film, which has some great, great kills, and the stuff I saw (and, in most cases, heard) on the set of this movie makes me hope at least some of the same spirit might be haunting this batch of kids. If nothing else, there’s an explosion that throws nails and debris into the faces of a load of extras, and I’ll sit through some expository 3D dialogue to get to that.

And if the film does well enough to make the new title seem like a bad choice? That never stopped producers on the Friday the 13th series, did it?