The New York Asian Film Festival hits next month, and as always they’ve got quite an incredible lineup. It’s kicking off on June 29th at the IFC Film Center and ending at the Japan Society from July 1 – 5.

There are too many movies playing to mention, but the absolute can’t miss event is by far the TOKYO GORE NIGHT.

One of the most insane new voices in cinema is the screaming howl of Yoshihiro Nishimura, director of TOKYO GORE POLICE, and special effects genius (who also did the effects for LOVE EXPOSURE and SAMURAI PRINCESS, screening in this year’s festival). He couldn’t join us for the premiere of TOKYO GORE POLICE last year so for one weekend only we’ll be hosting him at the New York Asian Film Festival and holding a special TOKYO GORE NIGHT event. First up will be screenings of several completely nuts short films from Nishimura and his cabal of lunatics all set in the TOKYO GORE POLICE and MACHINE GIRL universe. Then there will be a special onstage presentation by these madmen followed by a screening of TOKYO GORE POLICE during which we’ll record a live audio commentary for the movie’s upcoming special edition DVD. Accompanying Nishimura will be Noboru Iguchi, the director of MACHINE GIRL and the maniac responsible for the short film SHYNESS MACHINE GIRL which we’ll also be screening that night. Also coming will be Tsuyoshi Kazuno, a visual effects supervisor on SAMURAI PRINCESS, MACHINE GIRL and many others. More surprises are in store, so make sure you wear something that you don’t mind getting soaked with blood.

Good lord does that sound amazing. Here’s the Tokyo Gore Police trailer if you haven’t yet experienced the film.

Along with that they’re going to be focusing on Nishimura’s newest film- Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl, which looks equally insane and fantastic-

“It’s a duel to the death between schoolgirl vampires, reanimated corpses and a Dr. Frankenstein who teaches science and has a lab underneath the gym. The freaky touch of co-director Tomomatsu (ZOMBIE SELF DEFENSE FORCE, STACY, EAT THE SCHOOLGIRL) is also not to be underestimated and the movie is filled with bizarro send-ups of Japanese culture, Chinese culture and the shallow Japanese obsession with African American culture.”

The other focus of the fest this year is on Tak Sakaguuchi, ultimate badass of Versus and Azumi fame. He will be there to show off his films Yoroi Samurai Zombie and Be a Man! Samurai School! as well as the action scenes for Love Exposure. He’s going to be joined by stuntman/action choreographer Isao Karasaw (Flashpoint) to do some onstage stunts before the screenings! Too fucking cool.

Yoroi Samurai Zombie trailer-

“What could be more fun that watching a bunch of rotting, samurai zombies rise from the grave and go after a happy little family on their vacation? Throw in some heavily armed crooks on the run and a gaggle of mentally unbalanced cops and garnish with hard-rocking horror action.

Be a Man! Samurai School! trailer-

“An action comedy about a school where real men are formed in a crucible of bare knuckled brawling.”

There will also be a Pink Eiga night, for anyone curious about the obscure genre that Devin talked about in one of his Chudsploitation articles.

PINK POWER: PINK EIGA PRESENTS JAPAN’S UNKNOWN FILM INDUSTRY Japanese pink films are the last bastion of analog filmmaking in a digital world: softcore, sixty-minute sex films shot on film, edited on flatbeds and released theatrically. They’ve been around since the 60’s and not only have many mainstream directors gotten their start shooting pink films (including Kiyoshi Kurosawa), but 2009’s Academy Award winning director, Yojiro Takita (DEPARTURES), has a long string of pink films on his resume, and we’re showing two of them. We’ll be screening two double features in association with US-based pink film distributor Pink Eiga, who have begun releasing these treasures on DVD in the US this year.Program One will be Yojiro Takita’s ridiculous MOLESTER TRAIN: SEARCH FOR THE BLACK PEARL and the comedy/drama BLIND LOVE. Program Two will consist of Yojiro Takita’s MOLESTER TRAIN: WEDDING CAPRICCIO and hilariously bawdy send-up of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s TEOREMA, JAPANESE WIFE NEXT DOOR, PART 1. Daisuke Goto, the director of BLIND LOVE and Masahide Iioka, the cinematographer of BLIND LOVE, are expected to attend the festival and introduce the screenings.

All of this plus a ton of screenings of films like Jet Li and Andy Lau’s The Warlords, Sion “Sucide Club” Sono’s Be Sure to Share, Wai (Fulltime Killer, Mad Detective) Ka-fai’s Written By, the NYC premieres of both chapters of Japan’s acclaimed 20th Century Boys, Takeshi Kaneshiro’s cyberpunk adventure K-20: Legend of the Mask, and Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit a tribute to classic giant monster movies. That’s not even half of the lineup of films playing!

Keep an eye here for reviews, and check out the official site for more info on the ton of films playing at the fest!