There was a hot minute where it looked like Valkyrie might be the end of Tom Cruise’s career. He was on the ropes, big time, and I think that if the Nazi thriller had been a disaster we’d all be marking that release as the time of death, even if his corpse kept kicking for another decade.

But Valkyrie was OK, and it did OK. So Tom Cruise lives to fight another day. But where will he fight? Cruise has been eyeing project after project for his post-Valkyrie movie and he’s not yet made up his mind. In fact, he’s added another to his plate, the action comedy Wichita. The Fox film, with a script by Scott Frank, has already lined up Cameron Diaz as the female lead. The studio is considering the movie for a 2010 release, in fact.

The film would follow Cruise as a spy who comes in and out of a single woman’s (Diaz) life. James Mangold is on to direct, and he’s tinkering with the script with the help of Shutter Island‘s Laeta Kalogridis.

Other projects Cruise is cruising: The 28th Amendment, The Materese Circle, Lost for Words, The Tourist and Motorcade. Wichita has a leg up on the rest of those as the movie seems ready to go very, very soon.