What. The fuck. Did I just watch? Drew at HitFix noticed a sales trailer for Werner Herzog’s new Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans lurking on YouTube, and it is…sweet Jesus, it’s all I hoped for. Hard to see how Herzog claims to have never seen Abel Ferrara’s original movie, because aside from the lack of cock and wounded animal noises, this definitely has the spirit of that flick.

Then again, maybe all you really need to do to capture that spirit is have a cop being a complete psychopath — not a maniac, but a psychopath.

There is some wonderful (read: so, so absurd) dialogue in here, and if the basic cast and premise weren’t enough to pre-sell me months ago, this will do it. “That’s my lucky crack pipe” goes up against “that’s my new favorite camel” as favorite line of the spring. And the kicker line…oh, yes. I don’t care if this half looks like it was shot for TV or that, in all probability, it could be a total disaster. I’m ready to watch this train either derail in spectacular fashion or barrel right down the track like the coke going up Cage’s lieutenant’s nose.