All of a sudden I remember why I liked science fiction as a kid. For the last few years scifi movies have been the province of the stupid, of the dull and most of all of the action-oriented morons. Science fiction was supplanted by space opera and action movies with some scifi lip service. But recently the indie world has been fighting back; a trend that seemingly began with Primer has been really heating up lately, and we’ve gotten classics like Timecrimes, Sleep Dealer and Moon.

One of the hallmarks of the new indie scifi is that the films tend to be foreign. Mr. Nobody looks like it fulfills that bit of the criteria; directed by French filmmaker Jaco van Dormael, Mr. Nobody is the story of Nemo Nobody, a man who discovers that if he makes no choices he gets to enjoy the fruits of all possible realities. It looks weird, thoughtful and trippy, as well as beautifully shot. The trailer is below.