Let us note first that I am against a sequel to Anchorman. I love the movie – absolutely adore it, think it’s genius – but a sequel seems like a set up for failure.

That said, the only possible story for a sequel is Ron Burgundy joining a burgeoning 24 hour cable news network in the early 80s. It can’t be Ron Burgundy goes to Japan. It can’t be Ron Burgundy becomes a sailor (Anchorman would still fit as a title! Okay, maybe Ron Burgundy can become a sailor). It must be that Ron Burgundy joins a 24 hour cable news network.

Whatever the story is, it may begin solidifying next week. While in Australia promoting Land of the Lost, Will Ferrell hit some local radio shows and said that he, Adam McKay, Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell are meeting ‘next week’ to discuss the sequel and finalize everything.

What do you think? Do we need to check back in on Ron Burgundy? Did we get closure on him or do you think Ferrell et al still have more to bring us?

via Moviehole