The video blogs posted on Edgar Wright’s website have done a great job detailing the day to day production of Scott Pilgrim vs The World without actually giving anything away. Watching them you might get the sense of how some actors look in character and, big shocker, you might learn that there is a fight scene or two. That’s what you’ll get in the sixth one, embdded below. And, as a bonus, you’ll continue to get the sense that Edgar Wright is the most affable director working on a grueling shoot this year.

I’m not just posting this for it’s own sake, though. There’s other Pilgrim news to recap. Creator Bryan Lee O’Malley recently clarified a few things via Twitter, with respect to how this adaptation is proceeding. Namely, that none of Volume 6 is in the movie. Because the movie is written and being filmed now, and the book is not done. That’s not really a surprise; even if O’Malley had shared all his notes with Wright, there would be differences between the works. Which is great, really. Just gives us more Pilgrim.

(There’s precedent for this in comic to film adaptations. Akira wasn’t finished when the movie went into production, so the manga and movie have very different latter halves, though they do share elements.)

There are a few other notes from O’Malley: Knives Chau’s father is not in the movie. Which means he won’t cut things in half with swords, which is too bad, but no surprise. Lisa Miller, a sort of potential romantic sideplot for Scott from Volume 4, is not in the movie. And an encounter between Scott and Todd Ingram in Honest Ed’s, a crazy discount store, is gone. Again, no surprise, though that’s host to a nice Akira reference, too, and has a great line from Scott that could end up elsewhere: “If I peed my pants, would you guys just pretend I got wet from the rain?”