On sunday, and monday, my wonderful girlfriend made me dinner. First it was deep frying fish (delicious) then it was chicken fajitas. I’ve been telling her for some time that I’d write a blog about her and how we met. Being as extremely modest as she always is, she asks “why?” I said simply “Because I want to”

We met during my senior year in high school. She came from several towns over and spent her senior year, at the school that I’d been at for the past 3 years. We even have a graduation picture that we took together that I completely forgot about. Roughly a year goes by, and we get reaquainted by way of a friend of mine that had been hanging around with her.

Sadly I must say, we had more of an on and off relationship. I won’t go into exact details, but let’s just say I still needed a lot of growing up to do, and it took my leaving her, and her getting into another relationship to slap me in the face and realize that I really wanted to be with her.

Not long after this (about 9 months later), I resolved to show her that I had grown up, and that I was no longer the thick skulled idiot that I previously had been. That was 2 years ago, and I am happy to say that in the ensuing 2 years, we’ve both been very happy.

I’ve told her that she keeps me in reality. She doesn’t let me go entirely into fantasy world. She’s not a Yoko and just nurtures my eccentricities She’s also a strong girl. She can hold her own. If someone is talking shit, she’s not afraid to talk it right back and defend herself. (I really love this quality of hers)

We’ve also got our little qualms, of course what relationship doesn’t? We don’t like the exact same movies, but that’s ok. For the most part we do. It’s just a few films here and there. She likes action movies too. We saw Rambo twice in the theater, and she likes a good comedy too. We saw Observe And Report in the theater. We see lots of movies that I probably would have just discovered on video in the dollar cinema. 

That’s another wonderful quality of hers. She’s not about spending indiscriminantly. She’s level headed that way.

She’s really the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time. I’ve talked about her, and I’ve had men in unhappy marriages tell me that I shouldn’t do the things that I’ve done with her, like getting a car together, and putting our phones on the same contract. They say it’s stupid, and that she’ll be nosy and go through my calls and so on. I tell them that that is not her. It really isn’t. She’s not always suspicious about me and what I do (what do I really do? I’m usually at home anyway, and I have one friend that I hang out with), and she trusts me. Just like I trust her. I’m glad that we’re together. If we weren’t, I’m sure I either wouldn’t be with anyone, or I’d be in a shitty relationship. Glad that didn’t happen to me, and that she took a chance in going out with me again.

I’ve written about her here and there many times before, but I figured that I just had to finally devote am entire blog to her.

Rene’s song of the day: “These Eyes” by The Guess Who.

Thanks for reading my blog, and see you next time!