It’s the tagline, the synopsis, and the name of the film all in one!

Massive disclosure- I’m good friends with Michael Hall, the director of this horror film, and even helped out a bit with an early photoshoot (I played the killer). So there’s no way I can be fair about the quality of this movie, or even talk about it.

But Mike has worked harder than anyone to make his very own slasher film, and is about to unleash the world premiere here in NYC at the Anthology Film Archives. The screening is on Tuesday June 9th at 7pm. There will also be an afterparty at the Delancy with bands playing and booze flowing, which you can get into with your ticket. Check the Facebook event page for more details.

Following that he’s going to be taking the movie out on a five month tour in an incredibly unique way, playing between 20 and 40 screenings at various theaters and clubs in the Northeast. A bunch of bands that appear in the film will be touring alongside it and playing after each screening. The cover to get in 10 bucks, which besides the screening also nets you a bonus-laden dvd copy of the film, as well as access to the afterparty.

Check the trailer out below and go to for more!

Kids Get Dead – Teaser 02 from Darkstar on Vimeo.