Having Simon Pegg and Nick Frost together in a movie is enough to earn my attendance. Everyone else is icing. In the case of Paul, they’re really, really, really fucking great icing.

Jason Bateman.
Kristen Wiig.
Jane Lynch.
Bill Hader.

And as the voice of Paul, the Area 51 escapee alien who befriends sci-fi nerds Pegg and Frost as they’re on their way to Comic Con: Seth Rogen.

Since this is, if I’m correct (and I haven’t read the script), a road picture, I would guess that many of these folks have small roles. But these are people who murder in small roles. This is an all-star line-up of character comics.

The big question I have is about Mr. Bill Hader. At one point he was brought in to do some mocap tests for the alien Paul; might director Greg Mottola be keeping him on in that capacity? Hader’s an amazing physical comedian, something that I think gets lost in the focus on his impressive voice talents. If Rogen doesn’t do the mocap himself, I hope it’s Hader in that suit.

Hopefully we’ll know more about who is playing what soon!