EA just launched a new website for Brütal Legend in preparation for E3. Next week during the event they will have a live chat with Tim Schafer, creator of the game as well as classics like Psychonauts and Grim Fandango, and the closest thing to a comedy legend that gaming has. The catch? It will be done in 140 character bites via Twitter!
If you want a chance to talk with the man, the myth, the three-headed monkey, log on to Twitter at 6pm PST on Tuesday June 2nd and write to @BrutalLegend using a #E3BL hashtag. If none of that made any sense to you than you’re obviously not Twitter-savvy, so just go over to the site and submit the question that way. @BrualLegend will cover the full interview as well as the site.

On the site that day they will also premiere a brand new Brütal Legend
trailer, a new installment of “Brütal Thoughts with Jack Black”
entitled “Human Video Game” and a chance to win a real guitar from the
game! It’s inspired by Tencious D and looks pretty sick.

And if you missed the last “Brütal Thoughts with Jack Black”, here it is: