It figures that when I finally get some time to drop a news story this AM, one that hasn’t already been pounced upon by our other guys (honestly, they don’t sleep…it’s scary), the best thing I can come up with is word that Amy Ephron, a member of that modern-day Bronte clan of authors and screenwriters, is looking to break into the TV reality game, with a show centered upon…wait for it…yep, Twitter.  The project, which is to date unnamed, is described as “putting ordinary people on the trail of celebrities in a revolutionary competitive format.”

Ephron will executive produce the show with people from Brillstein Entertainment and Reveille, the other major players in the endeavor, and no further details have been announced about the project.  One detail that does come to mind, though, is one burning question: will Twitter even be a viable subject for a reality show by the time this thing comes out?  With the fickle nature of internet phenomena, Twitter is currently riding atop the heap of social networking sites, but how long will that last?  First all you would hear about was YouTube, then MySpace, then Facebook, now the tweeting site.  Of course all of those aforementioned websites are still going strong, but Twitter is the one getting all of the press right now (including Demi Moore’s tweeting of her recent dental issues). 

So who’s to say that by the time this thing comes together, Twitter won’t be tossed off the summit for some newer internet trend that’s just getting going this very minute, thus making the “revolutionary competitive format” of this mystery show about as timely as yesterday’s online fad?  Plus, which celebs would you think to find on this show?  Certainly not A-listers, but rather the reality show veterans who jump from one project to the next.  In this case, tweeting their movements on what would seem to be some scavenger / clue hunt for their whereabouts.  I’m foreseeing Gary Coleman, Bonaduce, the last couple of Top Models, Omarosa, Flav, Boston Rob and Amber and other reality recyclers getting their cell phones ready.