I have always said that the movies that should be remade are the ones that aren’t that good. The films that have solid central conceits but whose executions are lacking. A perfect example of such a movie Flight of the Navigator.

It’s one of those nostalgia movies, a film which gets a free pass from lots of people who I usually respect. Crushingly dull and excruciatingly bland, Flight of the Navigator plays with concepts like time dilation due to faster than light travel but really doesn’t have much of interest to say about physics or the lives of boring middle class suburban white people.

But it does have lots of raw, interesting elements. The time dilation, which meant a 12 year old abducted by aliens in 1978 returned to Earth in 1986 still 12 years old. The idea of a boy and his space ship companion is also a very cool, very marketable concept. It’s hard to get worked up when a movie as stale and uninteresting as Flight of the Navigator gets remade.

Well, it is easy to get worked up when you remember the last Disney live action remake was the horrid Race to Witch Mountain. And that the writer of Wild Hogs is writing the remake. So yeah, you can get worked up on the principal that it’s always okay to get worked up about bad movies going into production.

No director has been hired yet.

via Hollywood Reporter