Besides a lame teaser for a trailer that hit a couple of weeks ago, we haven’t gotten much more than a glimpse of Modern Warfare 2. But the first reveal trailer just hit aired tonight during the NBA Finals and it’s a solid 2 minutes of pure gameplay goodness. Of course, the footage is already online! Watch it- it’s glorious.

Now pick your jaw off the ground. What do we know now? It’s partially set set in Rio, along with some missions set in a wintery location (Russia?). You can now drive vehicles, at least during snowboarding sections. There are underwater battles and/or insertions. More infrared bombing missions similar to COD4‘s AC-130 mission. Possible new melee attacks. Absolutely fucking crazy action set pieces.

Also, note that the voice over is Imran Zakhaev, the Russian arms dealer whose arm you blew off during the sniper mission in COD4. There’s also a glimpse of Captain Price sliding a pistol towards you and a helluva lot of talk of revenge, so it looks like this is more of a real sequel than any Call of Duty game has been before.

Love it.