Next week Sam Raimi’s best film in a decade or more, Drag Me To Hell (yes, I think it may be better than Spider-Man 2, at least in terms of sheer entertainment value) hits theaters. FearNET is doing some celebrating about the return of Raimi to horror, part of which is showcasing Raimi (and Raimi-produced) films on their site for free. That’s right – they’ll be streaming Evil Dead 2 as a way to help you get through your work day.

They also sat down with Raimi and had a wide-ranging chat. They have given CHUD an exclusive look at a part of that chat, where they ask Raimi about the possibility of vampires – read Morbius – showing up in Spider-Man 4. His reaction is interesting.

Does Sony have the rights to Morbius? A quick search yields no info, but Raimi has talked up Spidey’s vampiric enemy in the past. A couple of years back Avi Arad swore up and down to me that The Lizard would be in Spider-Man 4, and Morbius would actually fit very well in a story with The Lizard, so who knows.

Meanwhile, the fight to get FearNET back on Time Warner continues. Click here to join the Facebook group that aims to save FearNET.

And click here to check out FearNET and keep an eye on their streaming movies section – the Sam Raimi fest begins next week!