With Terminator Salvation opening today many websites are running their lists of the best killer robots, and almost all of them… suck. But you don’t come to CHUD to read a list of killer robots that includes Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. You come to CHUD to read a list of killer robots that includes two different head explosions.

5) The Gunlinger Kills James Brolin – Westworld

If you have a science fiction action movie starring James Brolin and Richard Benjamin, you probably assume that the goofier Benjamin will bite the dust. You couldn’t be more wrong. When Yul Brynner’s Gunslinger robot, the main attraction at the robot theme park Westworld, goes bad, he puts a real bullet in Brolin’s chest. This clip isn’t the bloodiest on the list, but it does feature the bad assest killer robot of all time.

4) Maxmillian Dices Norman Bates – The Black Hole

If Yul Brynner’s Gunslinger is the bad assest robot on this list, The Black Hole‘s Maxmillian is the most awesome looking bot. The right hand man to crazed Dr. Hans Reinhardt (played by Maxmillian Schell), Maxmillian is ominous even before his hands turn into the Cuisinart of Doom.

3) ED-209 Gets Overzealous – Robocop

Why do I love Paul Verhoeven? Because he knows that 50 large caliber rounds pumped into a marketing flunky’s chest will always be better than just 5.

2) Kristy Swanson Has Her Own Version of HORSE – Deadly Friend

I have a feeling that tons of people have seen the following clip on YouTube, in which Kristy Swanson destroys Anne Ramsay’s head with a basketball in ways the Harlem Globetrotters couldn’t dream, and rushed out to see Wes Craven’s Deadly Friend. I imagine all of them were disappointed by this otherwise boring tale of a robot trying to live in the suburbs.

1) Security Robot Goes for the Head Shot – Chopping Mall

Before he ended up churning out softcore parodies of hit movies, Jim Wynorski was one of the great B-movie directors of the 80s. And his masterpiece may have been Chopping Mall, the compelling story of how malfunctioning mall security robots hunt and kill a group of teenagers partying the night away in said mall. This kill is one of my all-time favorite kills, ever.

Trivia: The mall in Chopping Mall is also the mall in Fast Times at Ridgemont High! Fewer robots in that one, though.