If you’re a regular reader of THUD, then you know I give plenty of coverage to both Smallville and Supernatural, the former of which I’ve (like sheep) followed from the beginning and the latter of which I think may just be the best damn genre show on TV.  With the recent CW Upfronts announcements, the two shows that have been together almost since Supernatural’s beginnings four years ago have been split up, with Smallville being sent to the Friday Night Death Slot in what would have seemed to be anticipation of the show completing its improbable nine-season run next year.  And with Eric Kripke having previously mentioned that he had a five-year arc for the Winchester boys and nothing beyond that, this upcoming season was shaping up to be the last for both. 

But not if CW honcho Dawn Ostroff has her way.

Speaking with TV Guide recently about this being Smallville’s final season, the CW entertainment president plainly said, “No …. It’s not necessarily the last season.”  Then added, “I hope it’s not.”  And on the subject of Supernatural returning beyond Kripke’s initial intended run, she remarked, “We’ll see how the season goes.”  [The Supernatural creative team] did a really good job this year,” Ostroff notes, “and it really paid off in the ratings.”

In regards to Supernatural, the prospect of a sixth season and possibly even more is nothing short of awesomeness…but only if Kripke has his heart in it, sees a storyline beyond what he initially envisioned, and stays on board.  The show has already tragically lost Kim Manners this past year.  I doubt it could maintain the level of its storytelling without its creator.  After all, Kripke’s sure to land his next big deal at a time of his choosing and although the CW has always given the show its full support, it’s Kripke’s vision that makes it what it is.  Creatively, this past season has kicked ten kinds of ass.  I would have been good with a five year run if that’s what was intended; but if there’s more Wincest (I don’t make up the words, I just use ’em) to be had, then I’m all for it.  As long as we don’t end up with X-Files Seasons 8 and 9, I’m riding this show all the way back to Hell.

In regards to Smallville, well…all I can say is that I’ve stayed with the show when many others had used it for the nearest toilet.  There have been some good things done with the Superman mythology in this show, although it’s just as equally been a source of repetitive frustration and the worst kind of soap opera schlock.  And no finale has ever soured me on a show like this past one.  I may have mentioned it before, but why not at this point, after eight years, change the show to Metropolis and go with the full Superman motif?  It’s not like it’ll be stepping on the toes of the feature franchise, which will probably get back into gear sometime around the point that Suri Cruise is old enough to play Lois.  And it’s safe to say that the whole pre-Superman thing has been done to death and post-mortem.  At this rate, by the time the show ends its run, Clark may be in a walker before he dons the tights.

So like Ostroff said, we’ll see how the upcoming seasons go.