This is one of the slowest news days I’ve encountered in a while. Everybody’s away for Memorial Day, I suppose. It’s so slow that people are running news stories based on what anonymous commenters on Slashfilm are saying – how ridiculous is that?

More ridiculous than this next story, but just barely! See, according to Screen Daily, Terence Malick’s next film – Tree of Life - will be out this year. That bit of info comes utterly unsourced, and without context. In fact, it seems to be just as likely that the writer is confused or assuming Tree of Life is an 09 release as it does that he got real info leading him to that conclusion.

Malick’s film looks to be really interesting, as it spans the entire history of the universe. Yes, dinosaurs are going to be in the next Terence Malick movie, but Brad Pitt, who stars, won’t be fighting them. Or even staring lyrically at them, as I don’t believe they’ll ever occupy the same frame.

via Hollywood Elsewhere