That Night Trap sequel so many fans have been clamoring for? It’s finally coming to the PS3!

1UP recently landed an interview with Quantic Dream founder David Cage, who showcased some Heavy Rain footage and revealed a few interesting details about the game.

Cage seems like a really thoughtful guy. Most new games don’t take risks, and even when they do, it’s rare when they don’t steal wholesale from successful predecessors. For every Goo Ball in World of Goo, there are squadrons of Space Marines waiting in dropships for their “GO! GO! GO!” order. Cage thinks that more games should take risks, and he’s right. He also presents a good case for dynamic, multipath stories in games, as well as a reasonable argument for doing away with the Game Over screen.

This doesn’t change the fact that Heavy Rain looks like a brain-tumor-induced nightmare. The footage reveals what some of us have been dreading since hearing about this game back in 2006: Heavy Rain is one mammoth cinematic peppered with Quick Time Events. It’s a dour, soggy Dragon’s Lair with multiple endings. It’s a celebration of the most offensive gameplay mechanic outside of Custer’s Revenge.

And then there’s this precious exchange between the investigator and the chop shop guy:

“Dat car buff up real good! I call huh Dangerous Blue, direc’lin’.”

Sweet Jesus, Quantic Dream. What have you done?

Heavy Rain dumps on your PS3 in 2010.

(Alex’s note- “This man is quite obviously insane. The game looks fantastic, and while Trevor’s vendetta against QTEs is usually only used in the name of good, clearly he has overstepped his boundaries. It’s obvious that the footage focuses on cinemas from the game and that the whole game isn’t this- if you look fast you can see some of the investigation scenes, which obviously aren’t as visually interesting or exciting as the QTE parts and thus aren’t shown off as much.

Besides, I didn’t think there was any way someone can see how cleverly they were used in Indigo Prophecy and not be excited, seeing how they are implemented here.”)