STUDIO: Image Entertainment
MSRP: $10.99
RATED: Not rated
RUNNING TIME: 80 minutes

Speech at Faneuil Hall

The Pitch

Is it Scottish?  Yes?  Then it’s not crap!

The Humans

Craig Ferguson.

The Nutshell

Craig Ferguson, the wild Scottish host of The Late Late Show, is doing his first stand up comedy show.

The Lowdown

Craig Ferguson is an easy enough guy to like.  He has an infectious enthusiasm whenever he’s interviewing someone on The Late Late Show and it’s the rare guest, especially female, on his show that isn’t laughing handily at some point in a session with him.  Plus he’s Scoddish you know, which is usually fun all buy itself.  So now he’s got his first stand up show, which he performed at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston last year.  The show takes place not long after Ferguson received his American citizenship in 2008, and that’s one of the topics he utilizes in his set.

Other topics he works in are, being Scottish, Sean Connery of course, which is probably the best part of the performance.  He also does a funny bit about how why chloroform never took off as a street drug and how it made him miss a Deep Purple concert in his youth.  He works that into a bit about his time in rehab and how, compared to drug addicts, alcoholics are someone to look up to.  He also goes into how a horrible audition as a Latino character for Suddenly Susan led to his gig on The Drew Carey Show.  He then goes on to incorporate such topics as his giant cock, a Scottish / Jewish wedding, hotel porn, bad plastic surgery and Birthing classes.  Ferguson’s style is equal amounts of accent work and manic histrionics, that dips into profanity without overly relying upon it.  His set plays easily and is easy and fun to watch.

The Lowdown

The presentation here is 1.78:1 that’s enhanced for 16×9 TVs and the audio is in Dolby 5.0 Surround and 2.0 Stereo.  No subtitles.  In terms of special features, there’s an interview with Ferguson from July 4th of last year in Boston that runs about 16 minutes and there’s a similar feature of a speech he gave in Faneuil Hall in Boston on the same day that runs about eight minutes. 

6.3 out of 10