Every new version of Gran Turismo sells a bajillion copies, but I could care less. What’s the fun in tweaking your brakes, or shifting your car’s weight to one side? Boy is it great to be able to fit my car with 200 different kinds of spoilers and rims! Seriously, who gets off on that? It’s why Burnout Paradise is one of the best racing games around- it’s an arcade racer that’s made for one thing and one thing only- to be ridiculous amount of fun.

Which is why you should all be interested in seeing what Bizarre Creations (Project Gotham Racing, Geometry Wars) has in the works with Blur. Not only is the game promising near-photorealism (which, as you can see from the teaser trailer above, it looks like they’ve accomplished) but a completely arcade experience, full of power-ups and crashes and ridiculous moments. It’s even going to have 20 player competitive and team-based online races, as well as 4-player split screen.

“We did our homework and saw a huge opportunity to move beyond traditional racers and create a game completely focused on making racing ‘fun’ again,” said Martyn Chudley, Creative Director, Bizarre Creations. “Blur delivers a new style of racing experience for all gamers, regardless of their experience, skill or genre preferences. Everything the player does, both in their cars and with their cars, is a dramatic adrenaline rush; it’s a real blast!”

They mention that “in their cars” thing twice- what could it mean?

Anyway besides the trailer, these are the first screens from the game, and it looks pretty damn exciting. Expect to hear much more on this game, as it’s set to hit Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this fall.