I stand behind Garden State. I think the movie is of its moment, which means revisiting it now probably won’t be that rewarding (but in a decade I bet it’s cool again), but it’s a well made, interesting and well-acted film that showed Zach Braff might have a chop or two.

But that was it from him on the directorial front. There were rumblings of a follow-up, but nothing materialized. Now Braff has signed on to rewrite, direct and appear (but not star) in a film for Paramount. And the movie, based on the synopsis, sounds awful.

Swingles is the title (ugh), and Cameron Diaz is already signed on as the female lead (ugh again). Check out this synopsis (via Variety):

Story, which is based on a Duncan Birmingham spec, centers on a bachelor who is dumped by his wingman and teams up with a sharp-tongued woman he can’t stand in order to meet singles. Jeff Roda penned a draft as well.

Blargh. That sounds like it was based on a Maxim article. And I wonder how the relationship between the bachelor and his new wingwoman will work out? Maybe she’ll get jealous and they’ll realize they’re meant for each other after all? God, there’s no way this film would be that edgy, is there?