I don’t know if they still do this, but years ago The Flaming Lips used to broadcast their shows on a narrow-band radio transmitter as they played. Headphone concerts, they called them. The idea was that you could be at the show, which was probably blisteringly loud, but listen to a ‘clean’ version of the performance on headphones at the same time. It was a neat thing; I did it at a ‘Soft Bulletin’ show.

Now Rian Johnson is offering an analagous movie experience.

Starting today (right now!), you can download a commentary track for The Brothers Bloom from Apple. The idea is that you throw the track on an iPod, and listen in the theatre while the movie plays. As he asks on Twitter, “Good idea? Bad? Weird?” It’s definitely interesting. Certainly not the best way to see the film the first time. But if you like it enough to catch again, it’s a cool option.

If nothing else, after you’ve seen the movie (which is quite recommended) now you’ve got a commentary track to listen to without waiting for the DVD release.